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We are plaster ceiling specialists. Ask us to re-plaster your plaster ceilings and you will benefit from a stronger, safer and better looking plaster ceiling in your home.

We can take care of everything for you. Your home will be left perfectly clean and tidy afterwards.

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Benefits of Re-Plastering ceilings?

Skimming, improving, replacing and repairing plaster ceilings is what we do and we are very experienced at replastering ceilings to the highest standard. Rooms and carpets are always protected and we always tidy up after ourselves.

You may want new plaster on your ceiling for many different reasons. But some of the main benefits you will get from re-plastering ceilings are that any damaged or unsafe areas of your current plaster ceiling will be expertly replaced with strong modern materials that will look great for years to come.

We’re Clean & Tidy

SGB Plastering understand that you may be concerned about the dust, dirt and debris that are generated when replacing a plaster ceiling and the impact this may have on other parts of your normally clean and tidy home. Unfortunately, the process removing and replacing ceilings is a very messy business – but importantly we take care of all that mess for you, every last bit of it.

Our commitment to you is this: we will always go above and beyond to take care of your property. Both the rooms we’re working in and also the ones where we are not. Carpets and fitted furniture are always protected, doors are sealed to prevent any mess spreading. We will always check that you are completly happy with everything before we leave and consider a job finished.

If you have any particular concerns, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to chat through everything and answer your questions.

When should you renew plaster ceilings?

Ceilings that are showing signs of damage can be dangerous, they represent a lot of weight and material. If you have any concerns about the safety of your ceiling please do contact us and we’ll work with you to make it safe again as quickly as possible.

In addition to improving the safety, re-plastering a ceiling gives you an opportunity to fix and improve a part of home that’s always on show. If you are thinking about wanting to do any of the following, then contact us and we’ll be happy to provide you with an honest assessment and a competitive quote to complete the work:

  • Repair damaged ceilings
  • Repair cracked plaster ceiling
  • Water damaged ceiling repairs
  • Improve ceiling strength
  • Add thermal or noise insulation between floors
  • Remove Artex ceilings or stipple plaster
  • Sagging plaster or bowed ceiling repairs
  • Improve the look of any old ceiling repairs
  • Asbestos ceilings removed and disposed of safely 

It’s also worth mentioning that not all ceilings will need replacing – sometimes they are still very strong but just ‘cosmetically tired’ or just in need of very minor repairs. If you invite us to quote and we believe that a full ceiling replacement is not necessary then we will tell you.

Add insulation above ceilings?

While your ceiling is down for repair or replacement, it’s a great time (and cost effective) to add new insulation materials in the space above.

Adding insulation above your plaster ceilings will have two main benefit’s, it improves the thermal efficiency of the room and it will also act as a sound barrier, rewarding you with substantial noise proofing between the floors in your building.

Many older ceilings do not have any insulation above them. If you are thinking about adding insulation please do get in touch and let us know.

Plastering ceilings is fast

Start to finish, our experienced team of plasters can plaster most ceilings within 48 hours. This includes; room preparation, taking down the old ceiling; disposing of any waste and (most importantly) tidying up afterwards so that you home is left perfectly clean when we leave.

Factors such as the size and height of your room and also the state of repair will mean that all ceilings take slightly different amounts of time to prepare, plasterboard and then re-plaster. Below are some typical timescales, but if you invite us round to quote we’ll be able to give you a very accurate timescale when we provide your quote.

Small Rooms & Minor Repairs

Small ceilings or small repairs to larger ones can typically be completed in one day.

Large Or Complex Rooms

Large rooms (such as living rooms) or complex rooms with lots of corners and features can normally be completed within 2 days.

Multiple Rooms

Unsurprisingly, plastering multiple ceilings in a property requires more time. What you might find surprising, is that it does not normally take us that much longer.

If you have several rooms that need new plaster ceilings (or repairs) please do contact us and we will be happy to chat through everything with you in more detail.

Ceiling Joist Repairs

Occasionally, problems with the joists or frame that support your ceiling may have been hidden by the old plaster ceiling – but don’t worry, if any are found we can fix these for you.

If any repairs need to be made, then we will work with you to make sure that a sturdy, long lasting repair to your ceiling is included. That way you’ll not only end up with a replastered ceiling that looks great, but you’ll also know that it is going to be safe and free from problems for years to come.

Painting newly plastered ceilings?

Once a ceiling has been plastered, we recommend that you leave it to dry naturally for at least 7 days.

You can either do this yourself, or we can send our professional painter to give your new plaster a perfect finish of any colour paint you want.

Ceilings We Have Plastered

Below are some examples of ceilings that we have plastered recently. We hope that they show you the high quality of our work and the sort of improvements SGB Plastering could make to your property.

More examples of our other types of plastering work can be viewed on our portfolio page.

If you have any questions, please do get in touch and we’ll be happy to chat through everything and provide you with answers specific to your property and situation.


“What a brilliant experience SGB Plastering provided. They were outstanding from start to finish. High quality work, polite, considerate, exceptionally tidy workers. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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