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Home Office Conversions

We can convert any space in your home into a practical home office.

Home office conversions can be permanent or semi-permanent depending on your wants and needs.

Photo of a completed home office conversion, showing a desk, chair and storage.

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Which rooms can you convert quickly & easily?

You may already have an idea about which space(s) in your home would be a good space to setup and partition a home office in. We can help you design, build and finish your cosy new home office into existing locations at your property such as:

  • Garages (full or partial conversion of the space)
  • Divide one large room or bedroom into two new spaces
  • Under the staircase
  • Existing sheds, garden studios or workshops on the property
  • Basements

Benefits of a home office

  • Work life & home life separation
  • Quiet work environment, free from distractions
  • Dedicated desk and office equipment
  • Semi-permanent conversion options mean you can reclaim the space later
  • No need to extend your property or wait on planning permission

“What a brilliant experience SGB Plastering provided. They were outstanding from start to finish. High quality work, polite, considerate, exceptionally tidy workers. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”

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Warm and comfortable home working environments

Insulation and modern materials mean that we can quickly help you to convert spaces that are not currently suitable for home working into warm and inviting office spaces quickly.

Power, lighting and home internet connectivity can all be incorporated to help you to make your new home office space a pleasant and efficient room to conduct your business activities from.

Non-Structural room conversions are fast

Start to finish, our experienced team can convert and install a new office space in your home quickly – often in 7-10 days.

Factors such as the size of your room and the level of finish that you desire will mean that all room conversions take slightly different amounts of time to complete. When you invite us to quote, we will be able to give you an accurate timescale before you need to make a decision on the project.

A Clean & Tidy Service

The process of creating a new office space in your home will undoubtedly (and unfortunately) create some business and building waste. However SGB Plastering understand that you may be concerned about the dust, dirt an debris that may be generated and the impact this may have on other parts of your normally clean and tidy home.

Our commitment to you is this: we will always go above and beyond to take care of your property. Both the rooms we’re working in and also the ones where we are not. Carpets and fitted furniture are always protected, doors are sealed to prevent any mess spreading. We will always check that you are completely happy with everything before we leave and consider a job finished.

If you have any particular concerns, please do contact us and we’ll be happy to chat through everything and answer your questions.

Home offices are an affordable investment in your home

Depending on your requirements for your home office conversion, the cost to create a new space with stud walls, plaster, paint, heat and add the necessary power points may well be less than you expect.

We will work with you to make sure you get the space that you need while also offering options and advice that will help you to keep down the cost of creating a new office in your home. Our team are very experienced and will always be happy to provide free advice and no obligations for creating the best possible extra space in your home.

Semi-permanent conversions are an option

If you think that you might want to reclaim the space back at a later date the just let us know.

Should you need the extra space we create for you to be changed back at a later date – just let us know. We will be able to design and build your room partitions in such a way that converting your home office back into the original space at a later date is going to be easy and give you that flexibility if or when your working from home requirements change.

Please do mention the need for a semi-permanent conversion when you contact us. We’ll be very happy to discuss the options that are available.

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